Makkarakoski sawmill museum

The Makkarakoski sawmill at the heart of Noormarkku Works was converted into a museum in 2014.

At the sawmill, you can take a look at the entire life cycle of the sawmill as, initially, it was run by hydropower, them by steam and, finally, by electric power.

The Makkarakoski sawmill was in operation for more than 200 years. It burned in 1875, after which the current sawmill was built in its place. The current Makkarakoski sawmill stopped in February 1956. Its original machinery, dating back to the late 19th century, was left in its place. For this reason, the sawmill has retained a valuable piece of industrial history, remaining untouched for nearly 60 years. Price of guided tour is 20,00 €/ person.


Makkarakosken SahaMakkarakosken SahaMakkarakosken SahaMakkarakosken Saha